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This past weekend we made our first trips. Capt Jeff, Judy, and Christian went out for Sea Bass and were not disappointed on Cape May Reef. Some of the favorite spots held a few keepers and a favorable drift managed to keep the baits in the zone. As the day progressed the drift got lousy, so the fishing was not as good. Sunday had a lot of wind which meant anchoring, and the day was poor.

Drum Fish are still biting and Saturday Night produced some excellent results. We had as many as Four Fish on at once. In a short 4 hour trip, we managed to boat four fish, up to 70 lbs and we broke off five. Many were using light spinning rods instead of heavier boat poles and the longer the fight with these fish, the better the chances for a nick in the line, or a knot to fail, or a tangle. We recommend coming prepared if you would like to use your own tackle for these giants. A 40-50 LB line is recommended.

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