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man with mask holding recently caught fish


After a daunting, grueling, weird, and very very long winter… The crew and the Miss Chris are BACK, in red….?

After six months in the shipyard, including two months of lockdown which equaled lockout for the crew, the boat arrived back at the dock sporting her new fire engine red hull! However, the topside painting was incomplete. Thanks to the hard work of Captain Scott, Captain Bob, Captain Jeff, and First Mate Christian, and Captain Mike, the topside painting, which should have taken five weeks, was completed in just two. With this complete, the last-minute final touches included new benches to the aft portion of the boat. New Ceilings in the cabin new lighting throughout the vessel, a new sound system in the works, and a new CCTV system all round out a classic vessel brought up to modern standards.

We started fishing on June 16 and we have been fishing daily at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. FYI, face coverings are required for entry. Also, our capacity is 50%, so please buy your tickets on this site. Click schedule. Our half-day trips have been producing nice results too. We missed Drum season completely due to COVID. However, Sea Bass, Fluke, Kingfish, and some Weakfish are all on the table and available. Most Fluke and Sea Bass and Weakfish have been on the small side, however, Captain Mike and Captain Jeff have managed to pick through and find some keepers. The kingfish make an excellent fish fry too. Captain Bob and First Mate Christian are the dynamic duo on deck providing bait, tackle, and order to the chaos of drift fishing. They also are keeping the freshly painting Miss Chris 2.0 in tip-top condition.

We hope to see you aboard soon!

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