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Captain Mike reports that the mouth of Delaware Bay has improved over the last few weeks. Some good catches of Kingfish have been reported along with a good mix of weakfish, fluke, and snapper blues. Some larger keeper Flounder have been caught in good conditions. We have had our share of weather to deal with. Strong North East winds over the weekend made for tough fishing only managing a few keeper species. Calmer conditions lead to more bites and better chances for both novice and seasoned anglers. The new vessel has made a big difference in lousy weather.

The 125 foot Atlantis is stable no matter the conditions. This awesome rig has the ability to sit like an island in even the harshest weather. The Atlantis will continue as the Half Day fishing boat until the repower job on the Miss Chris is completed.

The all new Miss Chris at 75 feet in length and 22 feet in beam will offer very stable fishing with improved side deck space. This will not only make for very comfortable drift fishing, but it will also allow the mates to get to anglers with less confusion. That means more tangles cleared, easier netting of fish, and better fishing all around. The new Miss Chris with her new John Deere Diesels is undergoing extensive United States Coast Guard inspection and oversite. The rigourous standards of the United States Coast Guard inspection criteria provide you as an angler with peace of mind that our vessels are safe in whatever circumstances of fishing we may encounter.

People think Coast Guard and they generally think Safety Gear which is a huge part of the Inspection. The new Miss Chris and the Atlantis for example have brand new Life Jackets in 2018, 400 in total. New water lights, new life rafts, and other safety gear are all part of an annual inspection. Did you know the Coast Guard also inspects the hull, exhaust, fuel tank, generator, electronics, railings, snack bar, etc? The inspection of Sub-Chapter T vessels and the more rigorous standards of Sub-Chapter K vessels, like Atlantis and Cape May Whale Watcher, ensure not only safe operation for passengers but also uninterrupted operation for the owner. That is why the Stewart Family is committed to extreme care of all our vessels in conjunction with the United States Coast Guard. By working hand in hand with our inspectors from USCG in Sector Delaware Bay, our ships in Cape May, New Jersey will continue to operate trouble-free for us and safely for our customers.

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