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The summer fishing continues to be fair. The weather has played a vital role will minimal wind and sunny skies. Captain Mike Scanlan aboard the Four Hour boat, Miss Chris, reports throwback Fluke with some keeper size fish mixed in. You have to pick through them, but they can be found. There have also been Kingfish, Weakfish, and Blues at Cape May Point consistently throughout the month. They’re also very small Sea Bass in some spots. The Reef has a few keeper Sea Bass as well. When the birds are in at the Point, Blues pop up which can be exciting, and their size is a bit up this year so far. The night boat reports some action with small blues and weakfish with some nice keeper weakfish on occasion. When the fishing is slow, there have also been some 5-6ft long shark caught, kept in the water, tagged, and released. A six-foot-long Thresher Shark made the trip the other day which was also released unharmed. Lots of life to report with both the denizens of the deep along with surface life from herring and bunker, gulls, terns, petrels, dolphins, sea turtles, and rays. It’s like fishing in an aquarium with some nice clean water on the flood tide.

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