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We are back! It has been an exciting winter hiatus from fishing for the crew of the Miss Chris! To start, we purchased a new boat in the fall of 2021!

The new Miss Chris XL is formerly the Super Critter from Ponce Inlet, FL. The Super Critter is a special boat! She is 90ft long by 22 feet wide, all aluminum construction by Gulf Craft INC, built in 1976. There are many characteristics of the boat which are identical to the current Miss Chris, but she is longer. There are many other areas which make the boat far better.

For to start- the Super Critter was built as the Super Critter in 1976 by Charles Schammel to run from Ponce Inlet, FL. She has docked there and fished those waters her entire life, until we bought her in 2021. This very much beloved single owner boat is a stark contrast to the last Miss Chris which was a five owner boat prior to us starting work in her!

The Miss Chris XL was repowered in 2005 with Series 60 Detroit Diesel MTU engines. She has a comfortable cruise speed in the 16 knot range, a nice ride, and quiet cabin. Her side decks are wide with tons of space, and we recently upgraded many systems on her, from restrooms to interior to windows to wires to electronics and beyond. We have wrapped up phase 1 and we are fishing!

Captain John reports good Sea Bass action on inshore grounds and Captain Mike is back at the helm of this Cadilac of a vessel as well. The bite has been good with plenty of action with mixed keeper reports.

Captain John has also got in to the Drumfish. The bite has been a slow pick with some trips better than others. The big bite appears to be yet to come and may go late due to lower than average water temps.


Sea Bass Fishing

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