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There is always a chance of seasickness but the Miss Chris has a large beam and a large keel, making her a very stable boat. The more stable a boat is, the less the vessel moves, decreasing your chances of seasickness. If you are prone to seasickness, please take your anti-seasick medicine roughly an hour before departure.

All of our trips leave the dock with enough rods, reels, rigs, weights, and bait to fish. We have everything you need to successfully fish—no surprises. Basic bait is included like squid for sea bass and flounder season along with clams during sea bass and black drum season, when available. If you would like special bait, please procure it at the Miss Chris Tackle shop prior to departure, they have a great selection of fresh and frozen options along with new super baits like gulp.

No, Miss Chris is covered for the boat and all anglers by a Federal Fishing license. If you would like to sign up for the voluntary NJ Saltwater License, it is free and it does help with quota making for future sustainable fishing efforts, but it is not required.

Every fishing charter leaves from the Miss Chris Marina, at 1210 Wilson Drive, Cape May, New Jersey 08204. Parking is available onsite and space for offloading any gear. Ticket pickup is 150 feet south at the Red Ticket Booth for Cape May Whale Watcher located at 1218 Wilson Drive Cape May, New Jersey 08204.

Yes. Breakfast, lunch, and takeout from Mayers Tavern, Lucky Bones, or the Lobster House, or just good old homemade food are all welcome. Please remember though, we try to keep a clean boat, so while the crew is there to help, they appreciate your help in keeping messes to a minimum. There is a snack bar aboard with beverages and beers and some light snacks. You may bring your own beer but no more than a six-pack per person. No hard alcohol and no glass containers.

Sure! If you have a favorite fishing pole bring it along. If you are unsure if your gear is appropriate, bring it along, the crew in the parking lot or on the dock can tell you if it will work or if you need to upgrade or rent. Please no more than two fishing rods per person as the boat is limited by space.

We sail rain or shine. You can cancel a week before the trip for a refund. You can always reschedule without penalty. Please keep in mind that weather forecasts are inaccurate. If you cancel a week out because of a 50% chance of rain, that’s a 50% chance of sunny skies, and it often changes. Many a trip has been wasted by anglers trying to outsmart the weather, leaving the boat tied up on a nice day for no reason. The captain reserves the right to cancel a trip in the face of extreme weather, like a hurricane. In the event of captain cancellations, you may reschedule or request a refund. Please keep in mind third party vouchers are only refundable by the party they are purchased from. We do offer early redemption in exchange for rescheduling tickets without penalty.

Yes! A very common question for us but we’re delighted to let you know that there are both men’s and lady’s restrooms onboard.

Fishing is available in Cape May, New Jersey 365 days a year. The best time to go all depends on the species. Please refer to our fishing seasons page for more information.

Some say morning, others love the afternoon, and some fishermen swear by the night trip. Talk to 10 anglers and get 10 answers. We fish for a living—we do not go unless you have good odds.

We are a family-friendly fishing boat. Miss Chris, and specifically our four-hour or half-day trips, are specifically designed for families with young children. We want everyone to get the experience of deep-sea fishing and time on a large comfortable boat and have the opportunity to catch fish. There is nothing better than seeing a young child be the winner of the pool—the smile is priceless.

We fish on the Delaware Bay, Cape May Harbor, and all over the Atlantic Ocean from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Avalon, New Jersey to Ocean City, New Jersey up the Bay to Fortescue, NJ, and over to Lewes Delaware. Some offshore trips can be up to 80 miles offshore. Most half-day trips are at Cape May Point or out to Cape May Reef, within ten miles.

Christian, Captain Bob, Captain John, Captain Jeff, and Sam are the mates you will encounter aboard. They have combined experience of 120 years of fishing the waters around Cape May, NJ.

Gratuity is not included. The job of a fishing boat mate is seasonal and arduous, typically consisting of seven days a week work, good days, bad days, and everything in between. Our mates are some of the best paid in the business. However, the mates will go above and beyond to do the best they can for your trip. They are working for a tip. Many of the fish caught can be cleaned by the crew, and often, depending on size and species, no charge is given for the service. Please, if you think the crew did a good job, show your appreciation by tipping. 10-20% is customary. If the crew did not meet your expectation, please let either Captain Mike or Captain Jeff know, or see a customer service representative at the Cape May Whale Watcher Red Ticket Booth.

Have We Answered Everything?

Are You Shore?

Have We Answered Everything?

Are You Shore?