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Man holding three fish on boat

Wow- Is it really June? Where did the spring go!!!!!


We have been busy fishermen at the Miss Chris Marina.

So many new things- where do I even begin-

Lets start with the fishing- why you are here-

Fishing has been good overall- we have had a great run on Sea Bass at CM reef and other local haunts. Many folks have had steady action along with a keeper or two on half day trips.

The first Fluke have showed up at the Reef and there are some holding on inshore haunts.

Kingfish and Weakfish are rounding out the daytime bite at Cape May Point and in the Delaware Bay.


Drumfish were strong through to June 12, 2021


The Marina has new fuel tanks for Gas and Diesel


The Stern extension is working out famously on the Miss Chris for more space.

The all new Dancing Dolphin Gift Shop is nearing completion-


look for more updates as we move forward in 2021


Its great to be back with our all new site!


Captain Jeff and Leeann and the whole Miss Chris Crew


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