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Black Sea Bass

Captain John Tighe reports a good pick on Sea Bass on our day trips and better results on the night Drumfish trips.

Some humphead Sea Bass were found with an abundance of smaller throwback Black Sea Bass on recent morning and afternoon half day trips. Steady action on salted and fresh clams. The salted clam seems to work better as it stays on the hook better. Some Blues were mixed in. Not much on Fluke yet offshore as the water surface temps are struggling to get over 60 degrees this spring.

The night trips have seen fish up to 75 lbs on fresh whole clams. One Angler landed a fish on 25lb spinning tackle, but after boating the fish, the leader snapped at the swivel. Instead of luck, we recommend heavier tackle, 40-50lb line to take on these behemoths of the bay. These monsters will give you a work out and while the per angler limit is three, most are finished after one is caught due to their heft and runs with the tide!

Black Sea Bass

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