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little boy holding flounder still hooked on fishing line

Captain Mike reports some good days and not so good days at the Cape May Reef. When conditions are right, the flounder have been biting and there are keepers to be found. The keeper to throwback ratio is still in favor of throwbacks. The bites are there and signs of life continue to increase. Some Sea Bass are also still coming over the rail, but they are not the main focus of the fishing. Fluke are. On not so nice days, we have ventured into Delaware Bay and the Bay has been good to us with a mixed bag of Kingfish, Flounder, Weakfish, Skates and Smooth Dogs, or sand sharks. We have also seen our first Sea Robbin of the year which is nice. The new boat is performing flawlessly for Captain Mike. With more ammenities, like air conditioning and snack bar, customers seem to enjoy the bigger ride. The shorter run time to the Cape May Reef, at 15 knots instead of 10 knots is a welcome relief.

a row of fishing rods on the side of a boat

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