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Hello anglers!

Yes it has been awhile. As my most recent complainer has pointed out, I have not posted in awhile.

It may come as shock, but August can be a very busy month- and this August was no exception. The month of August finally had water warm up, Sea Bass chewing and Fluke!

Since the close of Sea Bass season- we are concentrating on Fluke till the close of his season. We have had some excellent catches along with Triggerfish, blues and kingfish.

We will be full day fishing in October and November- weekdays in October and all trips in November. The schedule is posted under the “Wreck Special.” Anyone interested the schedule is limited so please pre purchase. If the weather is lousy- you are always welcome to reschedule a purchased trip. However if you do not purchase and want to just show up- we may cancel the trip due to a lack of participation- so please buy the ticket if you want to go this fall!


Here are some of or recent catches and Sorry I have been too busy to post.


Summer Flounder

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